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Xu Mengyin: With heart establish a body to teach with loving to stand
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Xu Mengyin: With heart establish a body to teach with loving to stand establish division  in order to be born
Red this world is saved in Jiangsu fact of city Yo ability is small (Yun Yang one small) , mr. Xu Mengyin is expressed with her admirable Shi Deshi and method of education of high grade education, achieve on ordinary working station gave an outstanding achievement of a rough every, be known as “ with heart the model that the model that the example of ” establishing a body, “ teachs ” with loving to stand, “ establishs division ” with be born. 
Someone says: “ education is a regretful artistic ” , and Mr. Xu Mengyin thinks from beginning to end however, “ education is an everlasting artistic ” . To seek this everlasting skill ceaselessly, a person's mind of her whole body is thrown in teaching job, insist to be gotten assiduously all the year round
Grind classroom education, wrote down thick ten study takes notes. To get fresh teaching experience, she still does obeisance to a division to be division, go to an other place to enter study, groom, formed oneself gradually “ guileless, solid, novel, clever the education style of ” . For superior each class, she always ponders over each link seriously, consider each word, arrive via standing class late night. The class that she has attended never takes teaching plan, finish today, throw teaching plan today, the word that uses her says, “ leaves teaching plan to be able to manacle the innovation of own thinking, that class
Get on older more ” . because do not have off-the-peg teaching plan, her class often teachs Chang Xin, every class can give person expect the originality that be less than, had listened to the person that she attends class, be convinced by place of skill of her consummate education, weigh “ is a kind of art to listen to Xu Mengyin to attend class enjoy
” . From 1990 up to now, mr. Xu Mengyin is opposite more than 30 times early or late begin school of the leader of and other places of Shanghai, Changzhou, Zhenjiang, Dan Yang, teacher, it is several in various education match bear the palm. 
Face the reform spring tide that quality teachs, brave of Xu dream chant establishs reform current head, assumed provincial task “ own from can model the research ” of classroom education mode and “ of Zhenjiang city task are in the scientific research mission that ” of student Chinese ability develops in be being read quickly. Depend on the rich and generous and academic inside information that gathers for years, she published many paper on provincial journal, have bear the palm of more than 10 papers. Xu Mengyin is an outstanding Chinese teacher not only, still be an outstanding directive teacher. Outside eliminating the educational teaching job with be finished regular, she still is holding the position of the duty that fosters young teacher in the school. The school arranged attend a lecture of ten teachers attendant technically, ask her guidance to attend class, coach prepare lessons. Coach wholeheartedly in hers below, many young teachers grow very quickly to be mixed for education backbone course leader. The language culture and education that she takes grinds
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