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Xu Mengyin: With heart establish a body to teach with loving to stand
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Group still be judged to be group of course of outstanding teacher of Zhenjiang city preeminent teaching and research group and Dan Yang city. 
The student is the teacher's mirror, can see the teacher's sign from student body, this is the is division path of Mr. Xu Mengyin. In long-term classmaster job practice, her with great concentration studies classmaster works, fumble gave to let the student “ self-respect, self-love, own government that abstains ” mode, the class class wind that she takes, style of study is thick, everybody says “ does not have poor unripe ” in Xu Mengyin's class. Really, of piquant make trouble junior below the infection that is born in her character charm, below the guiding that teachs a method distinctly in her, change into academic and aspirant student without an other place; The class with again poor foundation is bred wholeheartedly through hers, also can the ground like the miracle becomes outstanding class collective. Be judged to be Dan Yang of ” of civilized a unit composed of several groups of “ Zhenjiang city, “ after the Ban Cengxian that she takes ” of team of city culture class, all previous student that she teachs is in
In test of various and of all kinds assessment, passing rate is amounted to 100 percent, first-class rate be among the best of candidates, there is those who win title of ” of good children of “ whole nation in them, have 10 fine of “ Zhenjiang city Young Pioneer ” , have cadre of the outstanding Young Pioneer of Dan Yang city, outstanding student. One already graduated
Old student says affectionately in the incoming letter: Line of “ thousands of words is endless we are had deep love for to yours! Spoke the aspirations of all student. A lot of student parents say: “ encounters the good luck that such good teacher is the child. ” 
What indefatigable pursuit harvests is melting fructification. From teach 19 years to come, mr. Xu Mengyin is judged to be “ whole nation early or late province of Jiangsu of ” of teacher of class of moral education of outstanding middle and primary school of outstanding teacher ” , “ whole nation, “ is outstanding coach Chinese of city of Zhenjiang of ” of teacher of backbone of the youth in city of Zhenjiang of ” of first-class teaching staff of city of Zhenjiang of pedagogic ” , “ , “ , “ . Mention she, school leadership says not without proud ground: “ Mr. Xu Mengyin is our Yun Yang one small pride. ” 

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