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Why can game disappear from childhood
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Why can game disappear from childhood  
20 centuries 559 time, the Ceng Wu of children game culture of our country shows the picture of a prosperity, thin silk of the play house of Cong Youtong period, wash one's hands of, unplug turnip, eagle catchs a chickling, the hopscotch to teenager period, drag bag, skip, kick shuttlecock, marbles, dozen Ga, pat trigonometry, smoke traitor (top) , fly a kite, shake diabolo, activity of sport of rich and colorful is moist each age paragraph the leisure time of children. The content of some children game is permeating children to the society experience and understand, self-taught the ground turns social phenomenon for game content, reflected the wisdom of children, inspiration and creativity adequately, if officers and soldiers captures the game such as green light of bandit, red light, behaved children to live to the society know and will the creativity that blends in game culture and imitate force. The play that accompanies with game photograph is implemental
make also become children a good drawing, if seam a bag, make abduct, paper-cut, go to catapult, cut traitor, cut net of the Ga, Ling that make up Ma, do diabolo, the Qu that make Qu is overspread, burnt kite, these make the skill that all needs to comparative, make children become the heart is deft. The person that can make game appliance becomes everybody envy and adored target. If a few game that make fold pedrail of paper boat, mobile phone, dress, trousers, purse, tank to wait, bring great pleasure to children. 
Game is the indispensable mental nutriment in children growing process. Children adopts game recreation drive, release affection, understanding natural, get used to group life, know behavior standard, build advocate what and abandon the social viewpoint of value of what, begin a natural person to transfer of the person gradually to the society, prepare to enter adult society in the future. The skill that the society such as the intercourse of the society in game, communication, harmonious, negotiation, compromise interacts, of part of the education of the formation to children character, character, society build it is important to have lay a foundation
Action. 
Enter 20 centuries 80 time, social competition consciousness covers the head in the parent and children closely euqally as the Incantation of the Golden hoop, the extracurricular of all sorts of culture and specialty craft coachs education almost fill children's full after school time, the rank of all sorts of endless exams and its achievement is to become more envelop in child mind hard the shadow that brandish goes to, before the happy game picture view in campus no longer. Teacher and parent discover suddenly, the child won't play now! Surroundings also is changing. The household environment of the city that transforms as isomorphic as big miscellaneous courtyard and moustache condition changed the unit door of lock, door of frozen guard against theft isolated the living structure that opens type before. These, the children game culture that lets remaining further lost the corporeal condition that anabiosis. Of the computer gained ground to initiate the fictitious world besides real world with the development of network technology, computer game was replaced before real game shape, people need not communicate face-to-face, need to respect the apiration of the other side, feeling no longer, communication, suit, compromise, negotiation becomes footy in the fictitious space of the network redundant even, game of pass a barrier, violent tussle game, of all concepts are perforative ego volition exceeding expand, do not amount to purpose swear not to stop, the individual is the first, pleased for the center, make the sole purpose that affection releases, caused children cultural worker the major changes of article spirit essence. 
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