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Read happy. "Happy " be in where? We speak of from the lose of the person that did not read first, talk about the joy that read again next.

Every does not have ability, without the person that interest reads, be like deep and remote convict the one horn at time and space, its socialization circle, nothing more than with respect to it is a few familiar family members, add the friend of a few prattle. His heaven and earth, it is the range that that eye institute reachs nevertheless. One day arrives is late, in the revolve in formality, he is not be mixed at time by convict space!

But, once he takes a book, oneself narrow world is accused when standing, face another world. Because read,be to inspire a with forge 鍊 thought absolutely good way not simply, more developed a new scope of operation, it leads us to arrive another times, go in another national boundaries, over he or as long already as death the ancients discuss the issue that him place does not know, or the aspirations that listens attentively to an author, experience more capacious life. If can have 9 hours of bypass,tangle everyday tired with disturbing world Wu, go out the journey is visited one time, this is in mentally, the change on the thought, solid it is life huge treasury and blessing. This kind of happy and natural humanness is envied, more blame can be understood by the person of arrest of aeriform bagnio convict. Paul is deep bright this meaning, although reason still bades in convict room personally carry rub too say: "Those scroll should be taken when you come, especially those sheepskin coil bring " (new translation, after carrying 4: 13) . (note one) disciple door takes seriously read, this shows one spot.

Su Dongpo says well: " 3 days do not read, become aware language insipidity, face is hideous. " if the reader gets the taste in the book, show in style of conversation come out, savour naturally with respect to what have an individual. A good book, make our benefit infinite admittedly, more what is more,the rather that Bible the book in this book. Hall of reason forest language says, bible is a book that everybody reads surely (note 2) .

Bible not simply everybody is read surely, often should be read more and reread. Jesus is known from inside the book when 20 years old, until is faced 40 years old from inside the book again same advocate, have different taste. 祂 says: "Every is careladen the person that carries weight, can arrive here come, I make you must rest " (too one by one: 28) . Same a word, in the time that faces an unified exam, and in face on have Gao Tang, leave the time that has child, also have comprehended differently! What Bible develops us not simply is spatio-temporal, and get the heart road course that we go to experiencing the ancients is devotional, the life that updates us is temperamental, guide bring us to go with the god face-to-face intersect.

Have in the book happy, happy amid. Invite elder and younger sisters of each dear brothers to enter the field with richer life, begin from churchly reading room first, from everyday read classics and the enjoyment that read li of appreciate to read and joy, the book is read much, nature also is promising, unrestrained and far -ranging, read happy active part is in surmount and the ground is abounded of ego to come true in sublimate.
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