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Children reads classics and potential development
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Latter, children reads classics ethos to leave gradually, in participator, no matter be teacher, parent or student, vow solemnly, interest densely congratulates for its effect, and hard compulsory promotion. Children reads the positive result of classics, pushing the person that exhibit and participator to tell, it is good to should see the memory improvement that reads classics children, behavior turns only, school homework progresses... wait earlier phenomenon a moment, calculate a success. They think, the improvement of social conduct, and in the future the promotion of ethical morality, will grow along with what write these prospective society backbone and naturally is reached. Today the scientific point of view from the head, read with respect to children develop via how passing through potential, make afore-mentioned gain of a variety of warmth, taste do a specification, fill to assist in all a grand occasion.

Endorse, if be scolded to deal with what take an exam or sheer a division commander, this kind of traditional education method is to be in compress left head of the student, at the same time oversight the development of right head, to Wu Yi be being told in the study, dot that grow, honest not ideal. Some closer year come, by the function that understands or so head more and more at people, appear in education field accordingly more with accord with human nature, the new idea that has potential to develop value, new way will advocate, the purpose is to want to be able to achieve balance of or so head, jie in order to promote memory, comprehension, creativity, period make human intelligence makes the biggest play.

Children reads the kind of classics, do not demand understanding first, is recital only, apparently look, the training of left still head just, however, because be in,carry the process of classics on the back in the center, completely lax, interesting, make brainwave is changed to α wave from β wave, that is to say, the child that reads classics back classics one and again, again and 3 ground have an opportunity pressure of Shu Jieshen heart, can be in the head of wave and subconscious creativity, inspirational, attention, eye and memory were strengthened in interactive process.

The procedure that children reads classics back classics is similar read aloud sing, the eye reads classical script is to pass through visual action to upset right head, and read aloud sung rhythm to also start right head, to at so that remember,arrange differentiate word carefully, it is the job of left head, so, whole read the process of classics, employed function of or so brain fitly, make or so head is run be able to synchronous. According to research, when or so head can have synchronous effectiveness, study ability can increase 2 to 5 times.

Actually, the purpose that sheet balances from or so head will tell, children besides read besides classics, the thing that reads other namely also can have the effect, should hold to easily metrical feeling ground weighs Fu to read aloud only sing can. However, weigh Fu again and again read aloud sing, although did not understand painstakingly, what read has sung content to just can not stock cerebrum to remember, it more meeting brand is in subconscious in, and subconscious magical function need not pass a volition namely run, can forthrightly, silent the Sai Wei that the ground, naturally affected the mankind and behavior, so children is read classics, the wisdom elite that chooses ancient emperor wise man is correct, because of the holiday with time, have read the person of classics to more or less can get disposition of classical exert a subtle influence on, edify.
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