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Tong Daoming talks read: The 3 states that read
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Tong Daoming: Researcher of academy of Chinese society science, doctoral student adviser, expert of famous Russia literature.

Look in me, read can separate a state.

The first state is type of Marx, Lu Xun, Gu Zhun read state. They read to be their not only, more the world. Marx read a book to write " capital is talked " , the has revolutionary tendency life that lets the world goes real revolution to read aloud want; Lu Xun reads book of foreign country of foreign book interpret, promising Chinese " pilfer day internal heat " divine feeling; Gu Zhun reads study Greek city-state type is democratic, try to see the social history parent that opens tragedy of Chinese happening the Great Cultural Revolution. Only generation great person or philosopher ability reach this highest state that read.

The 2nd state is Du Fu what say " read defeat 10 thousand, if begin to write or paint has a mind " . The vividdest example is all worlds that O'Neil reachs from Gu Xila tragedy in time of 3 years was being used to read Tsinghua garden library after Cao Yu entered Tsinghua college 1930's Thespian classic famous work, later, also be became at was being written 19344 inside Tsinghua garden library " thunderstorm " . Of type of this kind of talent read state, average person also is hard look forward to reachs.

The 3rd state is Tao Yuan bright in " 5 willow gentleman passes " in those who say:

"Good read, content with superficial understanding; Every have knowingly, forget to feed willingly " . This state, we are achieved possibly after conscious effort. Important is, should " good read " , "Content with superficial understanding " understandable to do not want " be a bookworm " , such can " knowingly " . Read Wu is begged " knowingly " , clear generation has a poet to had said, "Read not to know ingredient, be inferior to bundle of mansion " . "Know ingredient " with " knowingly " it is a meaning.

"Knowingly " can have volume not, the good sincere feeling such as the can cause compassion namely heart of wraparound character arises associate. I published 1996 " be reluctant to part cherry garden " " the author's word " in those who write is " like to associate with goodness " , the meaning also is this roughly.