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White cliff pine talks read
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When reading a poem, blood is hot

In write down poetry when these two words, the sort of shabby look that sees a few peotry anthology on the bookshelf be turned over, the years that reads a poem and mood are returned very quickly at the moment.

Still calculate lucky, entered university school gate, hazy poem has risen to offing, we became the generation person that the poem is read. That gathered originally of hazy poem masterpiece " hazy Shi Xun is turned over already nigrescently, with what those had broken up to be put down on the side of it book comparing rises, the Zhuo Er that peotry anthology shows it not group come.

In all literary work, poetry condenses most, say with its it is written by the pen, condense by the blood of poets and tear and be inferior to saying is become, also accordingly, read a poem to experience a kind of intense heart collision.

"Meanness is the pass of huckster, it is exalted loftily person epitaph. It is exalted loftily person epitaph..

"The night gave me black eye, I search light with it however. I search light with it however..

"Everything is a destiny, everything is smoke cloud. Everything is smoke cloud..

"Chiliad is exhibited on cliff with its, be inferior to the humeral head cry bitterly in the sweetheart one evening. " ...

Such line is engraved into life already in, think to also arise because of this. When reading a poem, blood is hot, also accordingly, poetry belongs to green years more, but years vicissitudes of life, a few years short, the poetry that lets a person burn with righteous indignation is seasonal sadly concealed goes.

Because written guarantee deeply with poetry,cross a predestined relationship, want to search in free verse written in a vernacular constantly touch, but regretful is, readable poem was done not have slowly however. Know then, the joy that reads a poem and shock can be searched in memory only.

The novel is read later, care with respect to what had supple cherish to fasten

Reading a novel is the best escapes from inside reality method in reading, be taken or a thick or thin, a few pages go down, of the life spatio-temporal with the synchronism in the novel, be fond of together with the hero next with Bei, after be being thrown deeply, still can feel oneself became a hero constantly, the sort of feeling more remember to the end of one's life.

Although the novel is read,fold, still cannot place emergence from inside dummy scene for a short while, had had long turn to want to turn, good fiction has such power commonly.

1993 the end of the year, have very long time, I am in Tang Hao bright " Ceng Guofan " in living. The world beside forgot in taking a book, when Ceng Guofan is fond of, I am fond of, bei when my Bei, when when be being read quickly, began to have a kind of be reluctant to part unexpectedly, read rate is apparently intended rein in, of hope and this book leave come late a few, but the banquet that the world did not come loose, the book is read eventually. After attack by surprise coils, valedictory deep feeling lets me fly to also be like the ground to write down the note of thousands of word in the house of empty sky, fall for nothing for nothing next fall several days. Nevertheless, when reading novel little after all, the sort of pleasure that does not know fleshy ingredient for a long time also becomes little accordingly, but not long novel appears however high-quality goods is more.
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