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Wang Yun 5 talk read method
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Discussing the method that read previously, the book that we can not want to forget place to read because of its property different, also have what adopt different method respectively is necessary. The book cent that reads place normally is con, skim two kinds. I think this still cannot generalize people place to read the full range of the book. According to my opinion, be like can divide it is 4 kinds: (one) idle is read; (2) con; (3) skim or speedread; (4) pick read. At present out of the ordinary explains as follows:

(one) idle reads

Idle is read is to point to read for pastime. Lamb ever had said British eminent writer: "The laugh of life, rise at the same time with lights. " its meaning is the chat that says not give serious thought to anything, be with be optimum time in the evening; However the chat of Jie lights add to the fun, must have but the person with chat, and this kind of person or may not can be obtained at any time; Then the lamp falls roll idle is read, fall but follow one's inclinations, far relatively chat is advantage.

Such idle is read, it is OK to be in our country Tao Yuan bright " 5 willow gentleman is passed " in be weighed " good read, content with superficial understanding, every have knowingly, forget to feed willingly " for footnote. Such reading, stem from pastime completely, eye reads without be particular about of the method necessary. Another kind of idle is read, the old Luo Sifu's president that is like the United States is general more than always reads detective novel. Say according to him, plant from this the clever writer of the novel, reason has doubt bureau, make the reader is in one page of one page read when going down, to who it is real culprit, unavoidable make because of curiosity a variety of conjecture, after the head of buy of government affairs of short duration that sends a daily occupy one's mind, and the rest that wins short time.

(2) point to read

This is to point to want careful reading the book, song Zhuxi says: "What read classics history in the main, cut should relapse detailed of essence of life, just can see objective gradually. The appropriate of Song is slow not approach, word word is trenchant. More need dignified sitting, be like pair of sages and men of virtue, criterion the heart is decided and argumentation of a speech or essay is easy investigate, cannot have an insatiable desire for much Wu wide, dabble is blindfold, had looked to call to already was connected. Small have doubt, even if ponders, thinking is illogical, namely buy booklet is day-to-day copy write down, with when the province is read, wait puts in day of one by one 's charge to be able to manage. Must not ambiguous shield a shortcoming of fault, shame asks at consult, and lifelong suffer this An dark with self-deceiving also. " this language can be portraiture of this one reference books with material taken from various sources and arranged according to subjects. British philosopher earths up a root to ever also said: "Some books are OK bolt, some books to nibble is swallowed slow. " here is alleged the person that to nibble is swallowed slow, namely this one reference books with material taken from various sources and arranged according to subjects.
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