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From " the analects of confucius " talk read with be an upright person
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Is true Confucius how a person?

To everybody, confucius is very famous. But look in me, in different period, people also is different to the understanding of Confucius. In feudal monarch times, confucius by the monarch of past dynasties of all previous face oblate, be held in both hands to be " hierarch " the character of type, they all regard Confucius as safeguard oneself the political tool with feudal regnant dynasty. Chinese fierce emperor most put forward first " v/LIT dismiss from office a hunderd schools, alone honour Confucianism art " , after that Zong Shoufeng Confucius is Tang Xuan " Wen Xuan king " , zhen Zongfeng of the Song Dynasty is after " king of sacrosanctity article announce " , yuan Chaofeng is " become king of sacrosanctity article announce greatly " , fine pacify emperor seals Ming Dynasty for " sacrosanctity first master " , final Qing Chaoshun treats imperial collect Li Chaozhi to be become greatly, seal Confucius to be " become sacrosanctity greatly king of Xian Shiwen announce " .

And what what I tell today is the Confucius of actual existence on the history. Confucius (before before 551- 479) , renown grave, word intermediate Buddhist nun, rash compatriots, later generations address sb respectfully is " master of Confucius, aperture " , induce simply rise: Confucius is a philosopher above all, it is a person that has an idea, he is the author of Confucianist school; Next, confucius is a politician, but however very fail, the thought is accepted for the gubernatorial place later till the ability after dying; Moreover, confucius is great, perfect, the educationist that surmounts any timeses, chinese education history should write from Confucius above all case; Finally, confucius is the nice gentleman with individual exalted pattern, good teacher.

Confucius is born in BC 6 centuries, be apart from about today 2500 old, on this period world a few great philosopher are born at the same time almost, they facilitated the origin with world the earliest culture. For instance ancient Greek Socrates, and Indian Sakyamuni.

What did Confucius lifetime do?

Father of funeral of Confucius one's early years, family circumstances be on the wane. He ever had said: "I is little also cheap, reason can despise more thing. " young when ever had done " appoint official " (administrative granary) with " by cropland " (the canal depastures flocks and herds) . Although the life is poor, confucius 15 years old namely " annals at learning " . Confucius likes to study ceremony as a child, and be interested particularly.

The Lu Guo that Confucius lives, capital Qu Fu is located in a father-in-law south, it is at that time of week article king child of Zhou Gong's descendants feudal. Confucius lives in year period, although have numerous and vassal state,the circumstance at that time is at hand of week the emperor, but itself does not have real power; Each seal a doctor below vassal country, its fall for retainer. The Lu Guo that Confucius lives at that time, the most influential is not vassal, also not be a doctor, however a retainer next, this lets Confucius feel ceremony appeared problem.
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