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Hua Luogeng talks read
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Young classmates go to an university to the middle school from elementary school, read already more than 10 years, and do I still put forward " to want to learn to read now the problem of " not strange? Actually, not strange. The society reads, be not easy thing. Myself still also is fumbling ceaselessly in this respect improve. Cut do not think " can bear meeting write from memory, fluently " is to be able to read. If do not rise stage by stage, do not comprehend deep, do that and bonze recite scriptures have why to differ? I think, classmates are during school study, the professional knowledge that the society reads and learns necessarily is coequal and important. The society reads not only it is good in school study to assure us, and make sure we can rise ceaselessly in the future. Our time that pursues the job all one's life always is compared grow in the time of school, and grow more. A youth makes graduate without the university already, but if he had the ability of self-study, the achievement that he gets on in the job in the future does not compare the person that the university graduates to differ certainly. Conversely, a youth although the university graduates, had given ocean even, had done obeisance to renown division, had gotten a doctor's degree, if he does not have him society to learn, oneself are studied, still be certainly turn all round in the circle of teacher place delimit, intellectual domain cannot expand, prep let alone creates an invention somewhat on scientific research.

How does ability learn to read ? I feel, study each issue on book, each paragraphic accession, above all, should see not only written the thing that go up, and the thing that sees " of book " backside even. That is to say, should remember the conclusion of the problem not only, understand its reason, and how is still should imagining one servent home thought out, through how much labyrinthian, breach how many key, just reach of this conclusion. Can imagine further, if conclusion has not been made on book, how myself should reach this conclusion. Engels once had said: "What we need, saying with its is naked result, be inferior to saying is research; If leave the progress that is made to this result to hold a result, that is equal to without the result. How must wanting understanding conclusion come, ability knows conclusion truly; Know its not only only like that, and still know its the reason why, ability to have lucid understanding to the problem. And should accomplish this, with respect to the requirement we are opposite each problem in book, one day did not learn to understand, study a day again; The first chapter did not understand, do not learn the 2nd rule easily, although,learn so some slower, but can get actual effect however. I am in young when, had made impatient mistake, a book a few look. Begin to appear to have some of result, and once apply when, it is one boiler however rawish meal, cannot apply freely. There are a few very few books only in those days fortunately, I accepted a precept, have the book that has read thorough geoscience reviews again, talent is real somewhat accrual.
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