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Ji Xianlin: Affect a few the biggest books to me
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I am the most as dry as a chip insipid person, as dry as a chip do not have to what hobby. I am compared oneself is only limb does not have greenery one more the tree that does not have flower.

If read to also can be a hobby, my exclusive hobby reads namely.

The book it may be said that I read is much and miscellaneous, classics, history, child, collect dabble passes a bit, but extremely peripheral, phase of elementary school middle school, love most

Those who read is " light reading " ) of ( otiose book, for instance " Peng as complicated legal case " , " use legal case " , " Hong Gongchuan " , " 3 a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct 5 justice " , " small 5 justice " , " annals of the various states of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty " , " say high mountain " , " say the Tang Dynasty " etc, be like,read drunk be like crazy. " red Lou Meng " waiting for classic novel just is read later. Reading such book is good it is bad ? looks from inside my uncle eye, it is bad. But, I had considered as however, be in at least writing respect is helpful.

Affect to me as to which a few books the biggest, come a few years the composing that I always consider as two Great Masters: Be in Germany is henry Xi Lvdesi, the teacher of my teacher; Be in China is Chen Yin scrupulously and respectfully gentleman. Two people are textual research Great Master, methodological careful arrives magical degree. Also can see the place of my individual interest from which. My natural disposition is stiff, do not like the philosophy of extremely mysterious and abstruse. I like to be able to be felt the thing that sees so that see, and textual research is combining my idea.

Lv Desi is the world accepted Buddhist learns a Great Master. Study range is quite wide, have the research of original development to archaic inscription of India. Every have India new inscription discovers and cannot read when connecting, everybody says: "Go looking for Lv Desi to go to Germany ! " those who see Lv Desi authority is tall. India two big epic one of " Luo Duo of Ma He's mother-in-law " rise from core part, the big book that shapes later boils all the time like snowball, meantime experienced 779 years in all. Everybody knows to have many arrangement among them, but neither one person says clearly. Make clear of administrative levels problem is Lv Desi. The field researchs in buddhism, his view has " primitive Buddha is in charge of " (Mrkanm) , it is to use ancient time half rub Jie Tuo language is written, my individual thinks this is absolutely true thing; A few more Euramerican the scholar does not agree, do not take again however give the least bit and credible evidence. Slue of Lv Desi composing. Market of short story paper is one book in " archaic India Chinese talks a clump " , this is I get one of work with the greatest influence all one's life. This book is right for others, the likelihood is very as dry as a chip, but, it is to me one have taste very originally however, extremely inspired book, the read finest cream that be like drink.
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