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Mr Liang Qichao talks read method
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If ask,read method, I want to get on to Zhu Jun old. This method is extremely dated, extremely extremely stupid troublesome, it is extremely necessary really however. Where is what method? It is bank note collection or note.

We read a famous book, see his cite is so numerous rich, the analysis is so detailed, extending tongue say at every turn: "This person does not know to have how old memory, remember a lot of things, this is his special talent, we cannot toddle. " actually over there this returns a responsibility. The person not likely of good memory has wisdom, the person that has wisdom is relative however memory is very not good. The person that you are seen is he publishs the positive result that come out, realizing his this gain is formerly know exert oneself tiredly to go to come from build up little by little. Altogether in the main result of peaceful of everyday use of an old learned man always has countless booklet or odd scrip, read the bank note full text with the short ( below bank note of immediateness of the person that see a paragraph of data becomes aware its are useful, long summary writes down a title to coil ) of the number that count a page. Data gradually ­ is accumulated richly gradually, reoccupy eye will arrange an analysis he, make a famous work. Want to see this kind of mark, of north of the Ou that read Zhao " 22 Shi Zha is written down " , of Chen Lanfu " east private school reads a secretary " the easiest ­ sees.

This kind of job is stupid be extremely stupid, suffering is extremely bitter, but the person that does science truly always cannot leave this way. Do move floral person to be disinclined to collect the sample, say he can have new invention, the world fears cheap without this kind thing.

The original intention of the invention is noticing, bank note book is hurried wakes attention and the law of best square ­ that continue to save an attention. When reading one book, feel this paragraph of data can notice suddenly, issue his bank note, this data nature has one slightly impression imprints into the head, and slip to differ too soon. After passing this one time, over- some when touching the 2nd data and this to matter, issue his bank note again. That attention is added thick for a time. After be being passed a few times, every turn over one book, encounter have this data, jump on paper alive, need not bother searchs painfully. This is me the what is actually happening that old experience must come to. Zhu Jun tries take a year of time to try, should know me not to lie.

Every teach ancestors the person cannot small talk write, because crudely opinion is announced come out, meeting from by accident by accident person, this is pretty good formerly, but young student " brilliant should narrate praise " , also be to lash actually a kind of magical function of knowledge. For example is to read together " document is connected one's deceased father " " coin is taken an examination of " , each history " the annals that eat money " in coin next each article, extensive extensive reading goes, without what earning, you read in case at the same time at the same time think of a plan does evolution of money of a China to take an examination of, this is taken an examination of those who do is good another problem, the nature that you read adds severalfold benefit from.
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