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Hua Luogeng: Read should lay good foundation
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Someone says, base store foundation, when be? Every day found, when be enough? Methinks, want to lay good foundation truly, two need the process of classics, namely " by thin arrive thick " and " by thick the process to north. "By thin arrive thick " it is study, acceptance process, "By thick to north it is to digest, the process of abstraction, we read for example a book, a thick, add oneself note, read more more the thick, thing that we know also " by thin to thick " . But, this process basically is a course that accept and remembers, "Learn " do not hereto, "Understand " do not come here to appear. Should learn to understand to still must be passed truly " by thick the process to north, the thing that acquires those namely, course mastication, digest, achieve mastery through a comprehensive study of the subject, abstraction gives decisive issue to come. We often have such experience: Read a book when you or be when reading one alternate material, if accomplished development to study to their content and spirit, thorough knowledge, mastered point and key, you can feel this book and this change data attenuated. This looks the thing that you get is compared it seems that little before, but substantial course is digested, turn refined into the thing. Go around in circles in the quantity not just, and have rose character. Only the course digests the process of abstraction, the foundation just is consolidated, so, again experienced on this foundation, that is not common acrobatics; Study again, also not be an a place of strategic importance in a past head, and become put on a few new content and new method to be on original basis, through " by thin arrive thick " and " by thick the process to north, the thing that learns to place is accomplished understand, understand thoroughly, understand through digestive, our foundation is had been hit truly. Had this base, learn to be able to be accelerated greatly later. This process also reflected the pattern of the successive on study and scientific research. Someone says, such sureness, successive, with lofty aspirations and great ideals, strive whether does upriver spirit have contradiction? Want us to do a foundation to be not attacked only most advanced? We say, dependable, successive ground lays good foundation, want to realize lofty aspirations and great ideals just about, is to attack most advanced, climb a peak. Not dependable hit good foundation to you can be mounted most advanced? Sometimes from apparently value resembling is to be mounted, but actually a copy kept as a record is empty. Lofty aspirations and great ideals can build to be on dependable foundation only, do not call lofty aspirations and great ideals otherwise. Lofty aspirations and great ideals needs measure, one step by step, go dependably coming true, work steadily, do not let it one pace comes to nothing.