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Zhu Guangqian: Reading is a kind of training
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I once had written an essay to talk ten years ago read, this problem is to talk very much really, and these year come my opinion is a little transitional also, talk about bout with respect to this problem again now, when it is convenient talk about knowledge to unexhausted word adds complement slightly last.

Knowledge just does not read, and a reading is knowledge after all important way. Because knowledge is the individual's thing not only however the thing of complete mankind, every science asked about present phase, it is effort of complete mankind division of labor the achievement that earning of accumulate over a long period goes to, and this achievement still does not have annihilation, rely on to book account circulates completely come down. The book is the treasury of the mental bequest of past mankind, also can saying is the milepost on contrail of advancement of human culture learning. We beg advancement with respect to the culture learning that shows level, past mankind already gained sure ground achievement becomes jumping-off place. If wipe evil spirit the success that past mankind already got, we perhaps should move jumping-off place return hundreds of years even thousands of years ago, even if can advance, still also be fogyism of turn back car. Reading is to should liquidate past mankind

The general ledger of achievement, review human thought experience of thousands of years inside a few short years, in the past hardship of countless millions upon millions person obtains the intellectual lesson that come, center a reader benefit from goes on individual body. Had this kind of preparation, one individual ability makes a long march of ten thousand lie on science course, go discovering new world.

The history advances more, mental bequest of the mankind is abounded more, the book heals vast and numerous, and read to also heal not easy. The book is admittedly commendable, also be however a kind tired, can turn research into the obstacle of knowledge. It has two big abuses at least. The first, the book makes much more easily read not only essence of life. Scholar of our country ancient time because the book is god-given, hoary head is poor year once,ability is treated, although the book is read less, reading is however, buccal Song heart thinkings, the mouth is chewed know sth thoroughlily, permeate body and mind, become the motive power of a kind of spirit, lifetime benefit from not the book gets chaste tree easily now, scholar of a youth but thrasonical ever look over 10 thousand, "Look over " although much, "Take care " little however, for example food, indigestible thing is accumulated so that heal much, more easy lead to disease of intestines and stomach, the bad habit of a lot of superficial empty arrogant feeds skin to suffer a nurturance by ear. Next, the book makes the reader confuses direction much more easily. The book of a kind of any knowledge now but replete a library, the basic book that cannot not read absolutely truly among them often counts a ministry thousands of times even nevertheless. A lot of abecedarian are corrupt much and not Wu is gotten, time and energy are wasted on footy book, unavoidable want book basically to delay; The although look,crosses countless kinds philosophy Shi Hezhe that learns philosophy for instance learns generality, had not seen a kind of Plato however " conversational collect " . The although read,passes countless kinds text book that learns economics, had not seen Adam · Si Mi however " former rich " . If fight,become knowledge, need fighting spirit of defeat of assault fortified positions, seize stronghold. The target is too much, bury firm acute place, east make one fist, one base is played on the west, became " spend war " .
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