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The infant remembers means and adult to differ
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Swedish Professor Ding Xi and Professor Lan Gai discover, inchoate study can make cerebral cell becomes rich, conduce to the addition of the ribonucleic acid that the administer inside the cell remembers. They point out: If undertake in cheeper period aggrandizement trains, will provoke the word of cerebral cell activity with this, the nucleic acid that remembers an element can increase, can foster cerebral cell quality the person with tall, clever brains comes.
Memorial process, it is the knowledge that wins the place in the life and experience try to save, the process that accumulate and consolidates. Memory is the basic ability with indispensable people. Memory will be formed the day after tomorrow, catoptric forms the condition to wear what the baby remembers ability to begin with respect to the mark. Touch gently with finger hit a new life cheek or lip, the baby is met make sucking motion, this specification is in new student period, what the child arose to remember is budding. 3 ~ the phenomenon of be shy with strangers that 4 months baby appears, the memorial ability that explains infantile place is had can have let his resolution acquaintance and stranger. Accordingly, develop memorial ability of the child, should begin as a child. Infant memory and teenager, adult remembers means to differ, should be developed according to their characteristic.

Infant memory is like next characteristics:

1. infant memory is given priority to with involuntary memory

Infant period, write down unconsciously hold a dominant position, write down conciously still lie work up phase. The thing that the infant learns the the earliest, most easily, often be the thing that the thing with those and his him very close relationship and he is interested in. This kind of knowledge is written down without booked purpose, not self-conscious knowledge is written down, it is the result that notes innocently. Be aimed at this one feature, in education the child remembers ability, when teaching his study to learn a few things, should choose as far as possible figure, intuitionistic, specific, vivid, can cause the child interest, target that draws child attention. As a result of the child write down conciously developing gradually, the parent and teacher should notice to adopt regular method, write down behavior to undertake instructive conciously to its revulsive. For instance, let the child develop exhibition game activity, raise part requirement beforehand in game. Before giving the child taletelling, put forward to ask the condition of repeat is waited a moment. Resemble adding training more so, can promote the development that marks conciously.

2. cheeper is given priority to with mechanical memory

Because child age is small, lack necessary knowledge and experience, they are in memory, often can the exterior connection according to material, use simple reduplicative means to undertake mechanical knowledge is written down. For instance the child recites number of a few line that he understands far from, back to wait, apply mechanical knowledge to write down a method to undertake. As opposite as mechanical memory is understanding memory, it is knowledge reporter him basis the understanding to material, use the method that has knowing writing down about experience. It is good to use understanding memory to remember the effect than machinery, but both not repellent, and rise union of method of these two kinds of memory, can improve memorial result greatly. For instance a children's song, after help child understands, he can learn very quickly. Accordingly, when education child remembers ability, should teach the child to study the method that uses understanding memory as a child.
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