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Magical mnemonics
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Magical mnemonics
What is mnemonics
Because memory is a too associated generation, because this mnemonics is namely between this two irrelvant information,found correlation actively. For example, want to remember driving an airplane at 2 o'clock afternoon, you can envisage a plane to have two wing. Two wing, afternoon at 2 o'clock -- this is a kind of correlation. Now, although the plane takes off,time faded from his memory from inside your brief memory very long, you remember this time possibly also.
Correlation must not have logistic concern. In major moment, particularly vivid, humour or stupid associated thing can be in your brains keep memory. For example, you can use the following method to remember word of a pair of names " Rob spy . Glyn " (Robert Green) : The picture is wearing the mask, robber (robber) that plays golf on the meadow (sound as special as Rob (Robert) ) , robber wears green dress, or on besmear green paint!
Right now, you may want to know, want to learn some important thing, whether to need to found a few clever or foolish correlation. The answer is: Yes! This is one kind has confirmed too, and the method of effective, this and psychologist people the discovery that remembers about the mankind is consistent.

Basic mnemonics
A kind of the simplest memory method uses the initial of every word in list to compose abbreviate poetry namely. For example, you had listened to ROY G BIV certainly this word, the color of rainbow of this word delegate (namely: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet) .
It is in group another kind commonly used the method that will remember a number. It is to be based on a person to be able to remember 5 arrives 9 type thing this one thought. Count word 63492005 for example, you can try to remember by alone 8 a string of number that the number comprises, also can be its cent 4 " group " will write down: 63-49-20-05 . This kind of method when is dividing his into his familiar array especially useful, in this example, when 4 several 2005 from the back cent is a group very easy memory.
Remembering is not the mnemonics on firm sense, but duplicate a sequence until can write down it still can yet be regarded as a kind of very good auxiliary memory method. Remember " 12 days of christmas " (The 12 days of Christmas) this song? Every increase a new term, be about to repeat in front sentence, the partridge that goes up to pear tree all the time. In write down when growing string of thing, you can try to use same idea. Once you can remember the 5 in list, should increase 6 when, from begin to repeat, increase 7 again, repeat again, with this analogize. With this kind of method people often can learn many thing.

Advanced mnemonics
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