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The history remembers methodological interest to talk
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One, ordinal memory:
This kind of memory is prevailing memory method, it is the ordinal and ordinal memory that points to the progress that reflects incident itself. Be like: Such the process of American absolute war is OK writing down: 1, 1775, will overcome the report of a gun that the star pauses, conference of first time mainland is held. 2, 1776, conference of the 2nd subcontinent is held, published " the Declaration of Independence " , declare the United States of America holds water. 3, 1777, salatuojia great victory. 4, 1778, move south warlike center, 5, 1781, kang Huali of Ying Jun commander-in-chief shows the sword to Washington. 6, 1783, england admits the United States of America is independent.
2, regular memory:
In learning a process, we can seek the thing that has regularity, be like: The reason of on world history 6 big Caesarean decline is: 1, people uprises. 2, each district is feudal advocate (or slave owner, the every nationality that includes to be conquered) form set up a separatist regime by force of arms trend, do one's best casts off central control. 3, the faction of regime. 4, of people not of the same clan or foreign country inbreak.
3, comparative memory:
Be like the contrast of world war twice. China and Western Europe capitalism contrast buddingly. China is latter-day the similarities and differences of 3 revolution climax.
4, Baconian memory:
Can induce the congener incident of different time. For instance: Our country ancient time 8 notable water conservancy project. Latter-day Taiwan the army and the people defends aggressive fight instance. The Red Army turns over encircle and suppress 4 times to fight guiding principle. Also can differ those who be the same as for a short while incident undertakes inducing. For instance: The main event that produced 1945 has: Revive, 7 big " hold " of conference of beautiful, Ying Yaer tower, Chinese Communist, Germany signs book of surrender at discretion, revive, the conference, Japan announces beautiful, Yingbocitan surrender at discretion, on battle of Dan of party, Han, U.N. holds water, Taiwan.
5, doggerel memory:
Organize event of a few histories into doggerel to be remembered very easily. For instance: The order of quiet day emperor: Exert emperor is suitable (Nuerhachi, emperor too extremely, suitable treat the Supreme Being) ; Kang Yongqian (Kang Xi, Yong Zheng, Qianlong) ; Jia Daoxian (light of Jia Qing, path, Xian Feng) ; Tong Guangxuan (treat together, all of smooth mood, announce) . Be like the order of dynasty again: 3 emperor week of business of 5 emperor summer, spring Zhan Qinhan the Three Kingdoms rests, tang Ji of the Sui Dynasty of two advance north and south, song Yuanming of the Five Dynasties is clear civilian.
6, explain memory:
This is a kind of newer memory method, a classmate relates historical incident to other classmate, memorial effect is remembered than him person should tall severalfold. And signal stores time is long. Of course, memorial method is varied, still have lie between year of memory law, associate memorial law, inferential memory law, signal memory law is waited a moment.
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