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The original creation that recalls fine recalls beautiful way
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The person that learns English knows, the word learns hard to be written down hard must write down again, the word that remember forgets very easily again however, anyhow, although cost huge cost,also assure to capture the word closes hard.
always has experienced the person of this kind of affliction to know a reason: Root depends on what measure as memorial word increasing, overcome forget it is more and more difficult to maintain memory to become, feel at the beginning return pretty of pretty good , crossed half moon 10 days, affliction began, the word in front forgets ceaselessly, to carry memory, must throw bigger and bigger energy, the effect however worse and worse, continue to advance (more do not carry make sure according to original plan certain word was measured) the volition is challenged acerbly, decide to finally what word had remembered, what word forgot is a problem, to this degree the following result cans be imagined, can say, can carry the power that this passes, psychokinesis and place beautiful while are absolutely and amazing.
The hardship that remembers is a problem, people recalls the pattern for this ceaseless research, famous " Ai Binhao this forgetting curvilinear " is. The graph is him on after making a large number of tests, the result that average Baconian comes out.
These results explain: Review ability ceaselessly to be able to carry memory, forget necessarily otherwise, forget the rule with have certain, but forget and remember existence correlation, review in different point happening has different efficiency. Help straw appears to find: If we can know the rule of accurate oblivion, select local site appropriately, be to obtain best memorial result namely did reduce reviewed amount greatly?
Of misfortune is, this one rule is the statistical result that comes out to inducing after test of thousands of person, different person has different curve, if use identical oblivion curve, the in result that the least bit that needs the likelihood namely breaks the result. Good, if we determine first of the individual forget a curve to decide to reviewed strategy not to go again? The speech recognition software of IBM is such, user accepts a test first before use, parameter is induced and record, in order to make sure good identifying is led.
but bad is, memory and speech are very different, it is same individual, position of different body and mind, different time, of the quantity it more or less be mixed is difficult to more or less be mixed easy, distinct recollection, this one curve can get the impact with bigger , that is to say, the unified memorial curve that assumes each person is put in real environment is not actual, unless you lie below some kind of ideal experiment condition.
This returns is not a problem is all, although find accurate memorial curve, you how grind know those words can forget, which can those words remember, this connects Ai Binhao this do not have a law to tell you, he said is forgotten only about per cent.
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