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Means of 3 kinds of memory
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Recently, · of Russia biologist Alexander Kamiansiji concludes: The person's memory has a kind not merely, have 3 kinds however.

The reserve fund of - nature

The first kind of memory of the person is genetic memory. Because be in reproductive cell -- , oocyte and spermatozoon -- , in already " record " issue a kind of any biologic to form with mobile principle, and this one " mobile detailed rules " will serve as a group of gene as reproductive cell run in the family. Genetic memory has a kind of stubborn laziness, change very hard somewhat, nevertheless this is a favour, otherwise the father and mother that every generation resembles him no longer, nature is not big chaos cannot. The data capacity that   heredity remembers is very large, it is 10 power of 10 about bit of information. And the complete information that should record next person to form, need the 2% of its gene only in all, how is the 98% of that the others to return a responsibility?

Original, have one part gene we are from when fashionable not developmental adult first ancestor over there successive come down. Such OK even thinking, gene of this one part is the reserve fund of nature. Connecting general reason condition to fall, they are inactive; But on the earth once appear accident disaster, of the mankind live the condition becomes at a draught the situation that is the same as a few chiliad is same, xian Zugu's old gene should act well, can make a few organs that can help them put subsist grow on modern body. The embryo of original person has cheek and tail. Of course, had better be store cheek already at the same time, also have lung, can go up in land already so, also can live in water. However nature lets you make both only firstly choice. If appear as expected one day later of the mankind live problem, perhaps also meet somewhat lift a ban.

Genetic memory also can give error occasionally, inactive that part gene begins an activity to rise, can appear at this moment the strange phenomenon that various expect is less than. E.g. , amount of end vertebra condyle increases somewhat, make the person grows a tail. This is easy to handle, excise the tail have to, won't make you embarrassed. Can if a girl grows 6 at a draught or Where is 10 tits? Or the long hair with thick overgrow of child whole body, how can have that done.

Last century Russia gave the Mao Ren of a Lian Xiefujixiyefu that calls A, the sample that makes with him still establishs v/arc be on the throne now the Muscovite university at Mo Huofu ave is anthropologic in museum. Mexico also has given a female Mao Ren that calls Youliya Pasitelana, the wool on her body is not as little as Xiefujixiyefu, offer up a sacrifice in circus field the person looks around.

The hero with aeriform -

Another kind of memory is immune memory. There is one to plant in our blood small, have on real significance devote mental cell, they are brief the enemy that the mission of lifetime destroys more mankind namely. Lymphocyte enters blood to be able to react somewhat to dissident bacterium and the simplest toxic substance, at this moment they can produce a kind of antibody to go " agglutination " the material that cause disease, do not let them enter other organ. And should eliminate these already by " uniform " the enemy, this one task criterion by additionally one kind of cell in blood -- , bite cell will assume.
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