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The memorial method of the vocabulary in 4 class English
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One, gross of 4 class vocabulary analyses

Outline of university English education stipulates 4 class take an exam is to recall 4200 words and the commonly used word group that make by these words to lexical requirement. According to considering to analyse university English all previous of 4 class exam is inscribed really, we examine cent of 4 class vocabulary core vocabulary ) and blame core vocabulary for core vocabulary ( . Core vocabulary is English of all previous university the term with higher frequency and lexical check focal point appear in examination questions of 4 class exam, and itself contains the word with more phrase and the statement that match with other parts of speech more, have the word of special usage, the word with not quite may familiar examinee. Blame core vocabulary includes the statement that middle school phase may have mastered, have a meaning only, and the word that represents some name only and proper-noun, unless be being read,understand China and foreign countries because of these words, won't be become by the design commonly lexical examination questions. The ( of commonly used phrase that outline asks examines word group and statistic of tie-in ) course, share 1617, these phrase often are the key of check, their or appears in lexical examination questions, or goes out to be over now in form fill a vacancy, should be memorial key.

2, black and white loop remembers 4 class vocabulary law

The core meaning of law of memory of black and white loop is to pass the vocabulary that sets to outline to undertake classified, find out memorial key, eliminate to be not the interference of core vocabulary, those who pass pair of different level words remember early or late, achieve the goal that masters a word entirely finally.

Remember code to decide originally, if examinee can speak its all Chinese meaning and usage to some word, so this word is Bai Ci to him. If can speak its partial meaning, define it the word that it is ash; If cannot speak any its meanings and usage quite, define it for black word.

Memorial order is to remember grey word first, bai Ci of translate into of all ash word. After eliminating grey word, begin to remember black word, through the memory of period of time, one part black term is possible translate into white word, another part became grey word. In the following memory, black word turns into ceaselessly grey word of grey word , becomes Bai Ci ceaselessly, final and all vocabulary becomes Bai Ci. This is the loop on ground floor face.

The loop on another administrative levels is, when remembering grey word and black word, can press the word certain level in group, the regulation remembers the first group the first day, remember the 2nd group the following day, the 3rd day remembers the 3rd group, review the first group, the 4th day writes down quadruplet to review the 2nd group, ordinal loop, achieve the goal that the edge reviews by the side of memory.
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