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The high school student remembers methodological guidance
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The high school student remembers a method to have a few kinds, commonly Baconian memory law, homophonic remembers law of law of law, the memory after before sleeping, waking, barpque memory to wait.

Baconian memory law shows the high school student combs the text a kind of method that after end gives outline, remembers again. The teacher can coach the student is on the foundation of con text, baconian the trunk outline that gives an implied meaning, list according to trunk outline again a dry outline, such is in when memory, abide is worn outline, can accomplish a bosom to have " blue print " , a general name for arteries and veins is clear, enhance memorial result.

Homophonic remembers a law to use the homophonic appearance in Chinese namely, will insignificant material is passed associate translate into is significant the method of a kind of memory of material. The memorizes circumferential rate place to use method in fokelore of Chinese ancient time is this law. 3.1415926535897932384626 can use homophonic " Shan Dian one temple one crock wine, er is happy suffering evil spirit I, have alcoholic drink, wine kills Er, kill not dead, le Erle. " such memory, decimally hind 22 circumferential rate gets fluently very quickly with respect to meeting back.

The way is recalled after before sleeping, waking, it is a basis psychological principle, overcome photograph restrain low-key is photographed before mixing method of a kind of memory. Before the teacher can coach the student is sleeping, loosen or hear music what arrange ten minutes or so first, the material memory that recalls to need next is controlled one hour namely go to bed falls asleep, after morrow wakes, on the bed memory remembered content last night, memory learns again after the examination has the leakage that do not have a fault.

Barpque memory law is to use peculiar the method of a kind of memory that associates to connect the data that is without connection so together. Some example in homophonic law are a kind of barpque memory actually. Write down English word to often can use this method. If remember the following word: Trailn. Alley, veiln. Veil, capen. Cape, grapen. Grape, escapev. Escape, fugitiven. Deserter, skycrapern. Skyscraper. Can use barpque couplet idea, can string together Chinese: "Deserter (wearing) veil, (eating) grape, (along) the skyscraper that alley escapes to cape (in) " . In the meantime, this picture that can emerge deserter runs away in the student's brains, such, the paraphrase of above word can remember very quickly.