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Students nanny tutor warming impact of traditional family trade
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Costs about 3,000 yuan a month, hire a tutor can not only help children learn, but also to accompany play, is responsible for transfer or even do housework ... ... nowadays, a domestic service and a mix of tutoring - "nanny tutor" in the gradually warming the , also has created quite a controversy. Market favor "nanny tutor" "Nanny tutor" to give children guidance in addition to homework, but also greater care of the children's daily life, such as to accompany the child entertainment, travel and escort management, or even need to do some other household chores. Xu mother to child in third grade I said: "The tutor would not find a nanny looking for nanny and looking for another tutor, and easier. Students of high quality, so the child's learning and I can rest assured that, even household chores can be done almost to accept. "Of course, there are some parents of the professional nurse tutor question. The impact of traditional family trade Li said the career experts, university students than the traditional nanny nanny tutor high quality, great help for children. Chiang-yin that a school principal, nurse care for a younger age tutoring (eg, grade 1 to 3) and even pre-school children, because then the children with the simple knowledge, students can teach their children good study habits. However, with the child's age, more and more complex knowledge structure, students may lack the knowledge base, but also a lack of teaching experience. Tutor the students as a caregiver to the child's diet, health, safety, responsible, qualified students can not also a problem. Vice-Chancellor Liao Xiangbing a school that "nanny tutor is a vague concept. Children's education before the age of 3 is critical." In this regard, Liao Xiangbing, suggests that parents looking for nanny to sense if the will to work, find a nanny If the tutor will look to professional training institutions to find a professional teacher. Nanny tutor mixed Student, surnamed Chen, said to the author: "And yet more homework and housework Leia, and I feel a little ashamed." Another student said: "Because we were young, not tied in here, this can only serve as temporary work, or part-time work. I would treat it as an adjunct to treatment, rather than a profession. "