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Instructions: Directions words out of memory errors two ways
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November 2011 is already a candidate Kaoyan (Forum) Review of the sprint stages, and English (Forum) review also entered a skilled corresponding period. However, some students still find the memory of English words, there are some problems, will forget the word demerits, many students have spent most of the time and effort to remember them, but the results are often unsatisfactory. This is because the word memory wrong way, into a "dead end." The following text counselors Xuehai million to address this situation, as we remember the first words summed up several major errors: 1. To aim too low, or even most of the memory of the word is "out of frustration", as long as you can not learn to are determined not to learn, and thus not always interested in learning English, and needs to use more English vocabulary learning produce weariness. 2. Mastery of words rather than relying on rote learned from the natural context, as long as at the dictation of spelling out when to see when the Chinese probably know the meaning of even the master, with the more difficult to find words, and felt the use of the accuracy and appropriateness of vocabulary is poor. 3. Build your vocabulary and memory is the memory by repetition, rote or doing regular vocabulary exercises. 4. Most of the significance of learning vocabulary in the mother tongue as a medium dependent on the translation of strategy, in English, rich synonymous, synonyms usage quite confusing interpretation of the lack of search strategy use of English habits, lack of English language sense thinking. Memory for words over the common problems exist, Wan Xue-Hai Wen, a senior counselor Directions to make the following two suggestions for you promptly corrected in the final this time. First, listen mnemonics The first thing vocabulary learning is to understand the meaning of the word, some words have several meanings. Take the "book" the word for example, first of all it means is that we all read the book, but in the "Oxford Advanced English-Chinese dictionary", the list out of the "book" the word as a noun meaning eight, as a verb has two of meaning. For example, in the cinema entrance, an old lady on the conductor said, "I three days ago to book the tickets." (I booked the tickets three days ago), this time, "book" refers to the word meaning "order." In another example, a policeman on a speeding driver said. "Because you are speeding, I have to fine you." (I book you for speeding) At this point, "book" means "fine" meant, so we need to pay attention to the different scenarios in the words mean. For the proper use of the word is most lacking in students, some students reflected the teachers and students to have around to ask too, the effect is poor. After listening to the text since Xuehai million teachers through hands-on experience and summed up the more practical learning, correct understanding of words, choose the correct way to faster and more memory words, change the rote learning methods to improve learning efficiency. In memory of "book" when the book was not kept staring at the words above the back of each of its meaning "book, accounts, appointment ... ..." but to listen deeper impression, cultivated a sense of language, which would use this word in context ease. It follows the two meanings of the verb: I'd like to book three seats for tonight's concert. (I'd like to book three seats to the concert tonight.) He was booked by the referee for foul play. (He was the referee for foul play down the name.) Second, read the memory method A lot of reading can be cultivated sense of language, English words to help candidates make use of the environment position. Students can read different professional specialized courses of professional books, such as a computer science students can focus on to read English books and articles, but also help to consolidate the curricular learning of words. Sometimes the article will be repeated in order to describe a thing with one word, is naturally high repetition rate of acquisition, while increasing professionalism. If the word is always a result of a fragmented memory is poor, and on the specific sentence or the article will find it very interesting to have confidence in actively exploring its charm. In short, to the current study section of the sprint should not let the word be study section of the obstacles still to be clever on the word to learn. I hope the above method allows us to discover the fun of learning English, so that the word "live" and experience the memory of the word is not a chore, to develop a good habit of memorizing English words, but also expanded the vocabulary, enhance their reading and the actual use of vocabulary skills. Finally, in Directions in confidence to play a more active!