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Science Education Project of the National Family Childcare campaign first star
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To further implement the "Outline for the Development of Chinese Children", "long-term reform and development of the State Plan," and by the National Women's Federation, the Ministry of Education, the Central Civilization Office and other seven ministries presented the "National Family Educational Guidance Outline" spirit, promote Outline in the 0-3 age group the contents of Family Guidance, December 8, 2010, the National Organizing Committee of a series of activities together heart Kimberly-Clark (China) Co., Ltd. held a grand in Changchun curious brand of "new life heart - greeting life" Science Education Project of Changchun City, the family child-care promotion. With the benefit from the "Heart New Life" series of activities, performances by babies, "new life to mind - regards life," Science Education Project of Changchun City, family child care campaign began. The event, China is concerned about the next generation of Work Committee Deputy Secretary-General, Department of the National Heart, deputy director of the organizing committee, Li Qimin series announced "new life to mind - regards life" scientific child family education promotion project launched in Changchun City, and with the National Heart series of events, Department of the Organizing Committee Office of the Deputy Director OF AGRICULTURE AND Changchun Zhao Fuyu, Deputy Secretary for Health, and co-organized by Kimberly-Clark (China) Co., Ltd. Guo Jie, deputy director, opened together. Series of activities to the National Organizing Committee Office of mind OF AGRICULTURE AND Director said: "Heart with a new life - greetings life," Science Education Project of the family child care through the Maternal and Child Health Hospital, a delivery capacity of general hospitals, community health service stations, etc. During visits in 42 days, the family donated to the majority of newborns carrying the educational philosophy and love of the "heart new life - greetings life," Science Education Project Love Child Family Package. Organizing Committee issued Package includes first hello love - To the young parents of the letter; first responsibility - to become qualified to carry out activities of parents to guide parents to establish a correct concept of family education; for the first time the classroom - lectures by experts, issuing brochures and CD-ROM to help young parents to learn the scientific knowledge of family education; taken the first step in life - through the growth of dial childcare, parenting and other interactive forms of peer assessment form, to the young parents to teach parenting methods. 2011, "Heart new life - greetings life," the first scientific child family education project in Beijing, Tianjin, Chengdu, Changchun, Jinan, five cities, for the Year of the Rabbit babies born to families with 30 million sets of "greeting ceremony, love life package ", to become qualified to carry out the parents" Chinese baby Photo Gallery "Curious baby for selection and" heart new life - greetings life "outstanding scientific child family education project volunteers selected activities. Kimberly-Clark (China) Co., Ltd Jie Guo vice president of marketing, said: Kimberly-Clark (China) Co., Ltd. together with the organizers to promote the "heart new life - greetings life" scientific child family education project in depth, I hope to give more neonatal care to bring the family to help more babies grow up healthy. Beijing, vice president of Family Education, the National Heart, Department of series of events Min, chairman of the Expert Committee, Professor Lok Fu came to the scene personally taught, lectured for the site of the importance of family education, infection in the presence of each guest. On-site visits for the grassroots leaders on behalf of workers presented a "new life mind - regards life," Science Education Project volunteers parental family letter of appointment, in turn carrying the love and greetings on behalf of packs sent to the hands of mothers, Sound transfer greeting, love never ends off. Experts, the organizers at all levels, media, grass-roots workers to speak visit the presence of infected every guest. In particular, the grass-roots workers to speak visits even more moving. Among them are already engaged in work for 10 years, visiting the old interviewers, there are just engaged in the work of visiting recruits, they also will become the "new life to mind - regards life," Science Education Project of the family child care volunteers to participate in 2011 Outstanding Volunteer Award activities, and promote the Changchun City, more than 190 medical workers will visit every new mother packs to the hands. "Heart with a new life - greetings life" scientific child family education project will be in December 2010 -2011 in January in Changchun, Chengdu, Tianjin, Jinan four cities to promote propaganda. 300,000 copies of the National Care Package will be sent to court the baby was born in the Year of the Rabbit, as of 2015 there will be five million families will benefit from the newborn education project. December 2010 -2011 in December, 53,000 babies born in Changchun City, Year of the Rabbit will directly benefit families. "Parents in the hands line, wandering clothing," Motherhood is close to vest, and always love the child's body; father is a warm coat, and always block the wind and snow clouds and rain. New baby, new concepts of education, so that parents love the baby in the new century is more rational, more scientific, so that the community pay more attention to the family of the newborns, more support.