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Young people have heart problems are usually derived from the increase in the
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Yesterday was the nineteenth World Mental Health Day, Mental Health Center, Yiwu, Yiwu City Mission City United, disabled persons, the CDC and other departments embroidered Lake Plaza in Yiwu health clinic activities. The scene, many parents take their children to come to consult the child's psychological problems. Test anxiety, interpersonal well, learning difficulties, psychological problems common among young people. Yiwu City Mental Health Center, accordi ng to psychologists Dingren Feng, and now young people suffering from "heart disease" more and more people, Yiwu City Mental Health Center admissions of people in 1 / 3 of the young people. The child's problems are usually from family education, which is the parent problem. 2-year-old children suffering from serious psychological problems Recently, a young mother with a 2 year old daughter found the Dingren Feng. The mother said her daughter particularly temper. On the mall, her parents do not buy fancy goods, she will be rolling on the floor, straining to catch an adult's face; at home, she wanted to watch television, parents do not agree with, in addition to beating, rolling on the ground, but also angry he threw things around . She was threatened both adults and coax her, she ignored. Not be met as long as she wishes, her monstrous temper. After some conversation the mother and children, Ding Renfeng found that parents of the child's requirements are particularly high, although the child was over 2 years, but the importance of education of the mother has given her a lot of requirements: Tang month back five, each weeks identified 10 Chinese characters, and even began to teach children math problems. Ding Renfeng believe that this little girl's bad temper is the parents demanding their "resistance" performance. The importance of physical development of young children is much higher than that of mental development, the practice of parents is undoubtedly Destructive Enthusiasm, the result will be counterproductive. Ass "oil paint" children Dingren Feng has received a 13-year-old child. Parents of troubled children, the children always enjoy trouble in class, his restless do not say, but also often play tricks on the surrounding students. In addition to watching television, playing computer, sleeping quietly, the other time seems to have bottom paint on oil, peace of mind for long. Parents suspected of child with "ADHD." The child's parents are doing business, rarely have time to discipline children. Ding Renfeng that this child is not paying attention, but too lonely, so he was interested in little things. He suggested that the cause of busy working parents, do not neglect their children develop interests and hobbies, and more social contact with children, expand the child space to increase the child's perspective, transfer of the child's attention. Would rather not go to school, but also keep up with their parents A man named Lin-Lin (alias) the parents of children in the field business. Lin-Lin has been living with their parents, primary schools are also the city where their parents. Lin-Lin graduated from primary school this year, parents will be sent back to Yiwu her middle school, and Lin-Lin to take care of her grandmother, parents are still doing business in the field. Linlin good primary school grades, the parents thought she could feel at ease in his hometown school. But the first day of school to participate in military training, Linlin fled home on the grounds that the class is all strangers, no one to speak. Since childhood and her grandmother did not live together before, at home, she and her grandmother are no words, she felt alone, quite alone, like being abandoned by their parents, the results also plummeted. Ding Renfeng think that this is the child had "separation anxiety" performance. Adult life for a new environment, yet it takes time to adapt. Young children need more time unfamiliar environment transition, if it did not receive parental care period may cause the child to psychological problems. Ding Renfeng suggest that children do not adapt to the new environment before the parents accompany their children around as much as possible, to help adapt to the new living environment, and good communication with their children, give children to be caring, the feeling of being taken care of. Children are mostly from parents Ding Renfeng introduction, there are statistics, at present, the national junior high school students in the school population, nearly 1 / 3 there are different degrees of psychological problems. Young people in the high incidence of psychological problems, parents should be commended for encouraging more children and adolescents, so that they have grown up. Parents always think their children do not "talented", "extraordinary." Parents not to put their own values, forcibly taught to children. Contrary to respect children, love their children unconditionally, and not love the child's intelligence, expertise, good grades and awards and more. Even if children "nothing" can not abandon him in their hearts, but also unconditional love children, but not spoiled, so that he valued and grow.